Monday, February 13, 2012

Skatch MC: Sincerity: The Soundtrack Of Life

Jon Boling’s (AKA "Skatch MC") new LP Sincerity: The Soundtrack Of Life presents eight soulful, straight ahead Hip-Hop tracks with verses delivered in a fluid style with sung choruses and sample free instrumentation. Skatch MC has a style best compared with 2pac, Gang Starr, Kokane or at times Outcast. There is an angry, hard edge in the delivery on several tracks but Skatch keeps the beats fresh and spreads a positive message throughout in order to not weigh down the LP. "Hardship" speaks to the inequality, power and greed of modern times. A socially conscious message starts off the LP in the right direction. "Ohh Child", evident from the title, lifts a chorus from the Five Stairsteps classic but the rhymes are fresh on each verse and the delivery captures a good flow. "Check it out" has a fast paced delivery with an interesting piano loop. "Travelling miles" chronicles hard times and reminded this writer a bit of Eminem. "Everyday" presents another side of Skatch with the use of female accompaniment and pretty harmonies. I thought this track was an effective change for the feel of the LP and added some contrast to the earlier tracks. "Time to zone" dazzles with electric piano with some shout outs and looks back at old times. I was feeling Biggie Smalls on this track quite a bit. "Outro" is all about lessons learned and contains some fine vocal tricks, a strong piano loop and some string instrument accompaniment that really shine. Overall, I feel that Skatch MC brings some honesty to the hip hop world with his views and rhymes. He offers some versatile instrumentation, enticing sing along choruses, and a delivery that is hard edged but with purpose and intent.

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