Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot Hot Robot

Chicago’s Hot Hot Robot new five song EP offers an adequate amount of power pop and modern rock to the Midwestern musical landscape. Covering the familiar lessons of bad relationships, love lost and breakups, HHR isn’t really exposing a ton of originality on the subject matter of the EP. However, the musicianship and production value on the record are pretty darn good and the world always needs more power pop. Vocalist Chris Bogosian has a great rock voice and at times reminded me of Chris Cornell or Dave Grohl.  The band has pretty good energy as well throughout especially when they channel aspects of Cheap Trick or Material Issue.  “Get out”, a good choice for opener and my favorite on the EP, contains a catchy, moody melody, effective bridge and a driving rhythm that would surely hook some rock fans. “You know, you know” offers some nifty vocal tracking and fine guitar work, although I didn’t really sense a hook in the chorus. “No one needs to know” contains some aggressive, emotive vocals and scorching guitar work although the production was a little predictable with the panned guitar solo in the middle of the track and overall the track seemed a bit long. “Running away” starts as a ballad but morphs into an effective rocker. “Over now” starts with a great tempo and contains a decent chorus and gritty lead guitar work. The enjoyed the up-tempo quality of this track and I imagine performed live fans be bouncing quite a bit. Overall, I think the EP is a good start toward establishing a signature sound and I could see more focus on the power pop aspects of HHR bringing them a wider audience.

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