Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh No Not Stereo: InCaseOfStaresUseFire

Los Angeles pop/punk band Oh No Not Stereo shows up strong and ready to rock on their LP InCaseOfStaresuseFire. Independently released and well promoted, the band offers 10 slabs of positive ,melodic and anthem orientated  rockers that are tailor made for modern rock radio, clubs on the Sunset Strip as well as larger venues ala’ the Warped Tour. Comparisons that come to mind for this writer include recent Foo Fighters as well as Get Up Kids and Fall Out Boy. ONNS, a duo on their recordings, consists of Skylar Nielsen and Mykul Lee, who are both multi-instrumentalists. Their versatility, ambition and experience certainly present themselves well on the new LP with a BIG, solid shine. It’s an LP filled to the brim with propulsive rhythms, soaring vocals, energetic guitar solos and solid production. The subject matter is pretty standard however. Breakups, makeups and lost love are well worn themes in this genre, but it sure sounds like ONNS is having fun putting their own spin on these topics and their enthusiasm travels throughout the LP. Opener “Behind closed doors” kicks off with a guitar assault and then morphs into a catchy melody with some added instrumentation. Although I was hoping for more of a payoff in the chorus, it is still a decent rocker. Vocal harmonies were very tight throughout. “Big hero from a small town” and “Carnivores” are both solid anthems with pleasing hooks and I would imagine they encourage some excitement at a live show. The former contains some nice builds and dynamics as well as polished piano work. The later reminds me a bit of recent Green Day which this writer happens to enjoy. “Brighterside”, a well paced ballad, focuses on the failures we all encounter but the realization that we must overcome obstacles we create ourselves. “Can’t hide out forever” has a great opening riff ala’ Judas Priest, and some fine guitar work throughout, as well as a solid melody that invites repeat listens. “Heartless”, this writer’s favorite track on the LP, has a catchy melody, great hook and stood out as the most likely track to hit it big on college radio. “Make my move”, with its theme of regretting lost love, has some great guitar work to bring home its point.  “She’s electric” and “Static friction heart” both excel as energetic rockers. “Time to let it all go” also has a catchy melody and some super piano work. ONNS is certainly geared to continue their rise in the ranks of pop/punk enthusiasts with the new LP and this writer looks forwards to their success.

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