Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colin Tyler: The April Session

Chicago Singer/Songwriter Colin Tyler’s new EP The April Session presents a soulful, energetic set of tracks free of overdubs and overproduction. The production is minimal which gives the listener a real feel for a live set from Tyler with his band in a Chicago club. Skillfully produced by the famous Steve Albini, his work allows the music to breathe and take on a life of its own. It’s the space between the sounds that give this performance its drive. The four tracks on this EP bubble with the urgency you can only get when recording a single take. Pairing Tyler’s vocal abilities along with the skilled guitar work create a quality blend of soulful blues. “What Ailes me” is a captivating blues rocker that tells the brief tale of an attempted exorcism. Scorching guitar work shines and we get some nice falsetto at the end of song. The ballad “Your baby boy” has some pretty strumming and vocals reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. “Sad Grin” is a slow driving blues rocker with some excellent guitar work. Tyler’s vocals really soar on this track as does the band about mid-way through. Love song “Don’t know a thing” has a pretty melody and some fine acoustic strumming. I feel this track has a real sincerity and will connect with listeners. Overall, Tyler presents a sufficient sampling of his approach to blues rock on this EP. His authenticity and love of the craft shine though on each track.

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