Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jessica Lynne: Spiritual Cowgirl

Jessica Lynne is a rising country artist new to the Seattle music scene after spending much of her life in Denmark. I was a little surprised since her voice is pure country and it wouldn’t be out of place on 2nd Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee. She presents her new debut EP Spiritual Cowgirl as a taste of both modern and traditional country styles. There is an undeniable purity in Lynne’s vocals and a warm tone that really draws a listener into her songs. Comparisons to Trisha Yearwood and Tanya Tucker are appropriate in my opinion. “Singin’ Country” details Lynne’s life in Denmark and her journey toward self discovery and the desire of playing country music. Impressive slide guitar and a catchy chorus, with effective harmonies set the tone for the EP. “Not my cowboy”, a track about not being “the other woman” even though there is temptation, is pure traditional country. Featuring some fine fiddle work and a vocal reminiscent of Dolly Parton, this track is a standout. Lynne’s control and tone are remarkable and therefore this is my favorite track on the EP. “Fallen angels don’t cry” is a track about letting go of fear and the idea that strength can be achieved through having a good cry now and again. Pretty harmonies and a soaring chorus bring this track to the forefront. “Wheels” is a country rocker that begins with a moody tone and develops into a tale of scorn, a quick exit and a new life ahead. Lynne puts some great energy into the vocals and the payoff is a modern country rocker that would fit well on country radio alongside Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert. I was impressed with the polished production and effective mood this EP presents. Lynne is very ambitious, talented vocalist and I predict much success in her future.

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