Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Florida’s Elia presents a late-eighties, early nineties style in the stand out track "Let me out". Similar to Da Lench Mob or Brand Nubian, Elia embrace a turbulent, raspy flow, with a funky piano loop but with Busta Rhyme type outbursts of anger. This track has attitude with a fat bassline ala Too Short, and in your face lyrics. The chorus opens up the track and has a nice build up before returning to the verse. No subtleties in the lyrics as they express paranoia, striving to spotlight life’s hypocrisies and bust out of the barriers of establishment. The track "Hostage Negotiations" is a rock/rap hybrid with a solid guitar hook. This is a defiant track, a revolution song filled with in-your-face attitude. Elia have reached the boiling point and will not be held back by the system. Synth intro sets the tone for the fast paced delivery with a strong chorus and nice breaks throughout. "Brap" is a more playful, free style track compared with the other two. The jazz horn loop lightens up this track even though the message is pretty heavy with defiance. I would consider this the "Party" song in terms of the music as it is funky with an old school groove. Overall, Elia show a defiant style with in your face attitude but keep it funky and loose with horns, piano and some catchy choruses.!/Inkicide?sk=app_6452028673

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